Is the Law of Attraction Even Real?

​I spent a long time on my awakening journey reading about/contemplating the law of attraction. I read countless articles, books, listened to podcasts and watched documentaries. However, I was still not convinced that this whole thing even really existed.

How could a principle that is not based in scientific evidence or taught in mainstream psychology have any validity? Doesn’t this very fact render it illogical and place it in the realms of wishy washy ‘woo woo’ crap?

On self reflection, I began to realise that a big part of my resistance around accepting it was a massive fear of somehow royally fucking it up… Surely nothing bad would happen if it was all a load of BS right? It’s that whole thing of becoming super anxious about something problematic in your life once it is brought more into your conscious awareness.

I spent countless sleepless nights tossing and turning, worrying that I was sending shitloads of negative energy into the universe and that I would therefore inevitably be attacked and devoured by something evil or a terrifying slimy creature like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.




The truth is that it very much exists and it is really really real. Contrary to my doubts, the law of attraction actually does have a strong scientific base. I really started to see the evidence of this as I began to do my healing work and released more and more negative emotional baggage, fears, wounds and illusions for good. The more crap I shed, the more room opened up for my happiness and my higher self to shine through.

Consequently, I started to attract more positive people, experiences and opportunities in my life. The shifts were more subtle at first like recieving a random compliment from a stranger at the bus stop or stumbling upon an  inspiring Netflix documentary. As I progressed, I started to see bigger shifts like landing a senior role at work and speeding through my Masters course with confidence and ease.

​The more I started to see positive results from all the internal work I was doing, the stronger my faith in the law of attraction became. I started to grow in confidence that I could use it to my advantage and that I could trust that my efforts would pay off in some positive way, shape or form even if it didn’t look so positive initially.


spiritual awakening


​​It is truly a wondrous thing when you realise that you are in fact not just a lump of flesh,  but an eternal soul in a human body and you are connected through higher consciousness to the powers that be. Amazing things can happen when we allow ourselves to trust and surrender to the process.  If we can believe in the caveat that everything does happen to help guide us to the path of our highest good, the magic can really start to happen.



Author: julialara1111

'Bridging the Gap Between the Old and the New'

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